Fuller Center for Housing of Johnston County
Fuller Center for Housing of Johnston County
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About Fuller Center for Housing of Johnston County

The Fuller Center for Housing works by forming covenant partnerships with concerned groups pf people, community organizations, churches and others. The Fuller Center then provides the structure, guidance and technical support needed to build and repair houses for people in need.

As an unashamedly Christian ecumenical organization, we believe that God's love- and our work- extends to everyone, regardless of race or faith. We welcome volunteers and supporters of all faiths who share our belief that helping someone to build and own a home is a part of basic, human dignity.

The Fuller Center is a grassroots, affordable housing movement. Community leadship teams called covenant partmers raise funds and make decisions about family nurturing, volunteer management and construction.

Along​ with house construction, The Fuller Center's repair ministry does Greater Blessing projects, from wheelchair ramps to full house renovations. Gifts back from recipients go toward other repair projects, bestowing the "greater blessing" of giving upon the homeowner who has received. The program structures flexible repayment options for seniors, disabled and those homeowners on fixed incomes.
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